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Louisiana Purchase History Quiz

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Louis, Grand Dauphin
King Louis XIV of France
King Francis I of France
828.000 square miles
200.000 square miles
80.000 square miles
December 18, 1800
November 30, 1803
August 8, 1805
The plan for Louisiana Purchase was first put forward by a French nobleman.
Napoleon wanted to use Louisiana to establish a large colonial empire in the America.
The United States was never considering going to war over the Louisiana territory.
The size of the Louisiana territory was 828.000 square miles.
On October 20, 1803 the United States Senate consented to ratification of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty with a vote of 2
A Spanish expedition led by Panfilo de Narvaez were the first European explorers to visit Louisiana in 1500.
the possession of Florida
Spain give New Orleans to France
None of the answers is right.
One problem that United States had was there were no ports on the Gulf of Mexico.
Farmers wanted more water for shipping their goods.
In 1819 the United States gained the rest of Canada.

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Louisiana Purchase History Quiz : Test Trivia

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