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Which MHA boy would you end up with?

Which MHA boy would you end up with?

Hey guys! All the information is in the Title! =)

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You May Get Result Of Which MHA boy would you end up with?

Congrats! You got Kaminari! You love him but would never say it out loud. He cares about you deeply and you love him too because of the fact that he loves even the rough things about you.
Congrats! You got Kirishima./Bakugou Kirishima is a king boy with determination, and a steady figure. Bakugou is a exhilarating person, whose anger makes him exciting to be around
Congrats you got Todoroki! A cool composure kid who can at first be a bit cold. He trust people, once he warms up to them and can be extremely affectinet.
Congrats! You got Deku! I kind hearted boy who calms your anger. He's sweet, which is why you love him. He has a good heart and determination. love him with all your heart and he will love you back.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Spit at their feet and say you hate them just as much
Surprised. You thought you were nice to everyone.
You are horrified and ask if theres a way to change thier opinions. You only want to be freinds.
Scoff at them, and leave, while inwardly crying. You act like it never happened. Though you wonder what you did wrong.
You break out crying. Why did everyone hate you?
You blush and go on the date happily. It's the kind thing to do.
You give them the cold shoulder, and politely say no. You don't love them, but you inwardly don't want them to be sad.
you stutter an answer that you never cared for them, and feel terrible when their face falls.
You shrug saying, "why not!"
You scoff and turn them down, they dont know you really care.
You are flustered but try not to show it, and after a long argument of pretending to not care, you say the same.
You smile and tell him you also love him. You live happily ever after.
At first you brush them off then pretend to warm up to them until you agree to at least go on a date.
You blush and say that you are undecided, you have no idea what different emotions are spiralling through you.
You let out a little yelp and quickly blurt out your love for them, while smiling uncontrollably.
Angry at everyone. I try to hide my feelings
I just act sad, why hide it.
I act as if nothing is wrong, but scretly hope someone will notice and comfort me.
I smash all my feelings into one and just act like a mad dog.
I change between angry and uneasy unable to even feel anything else.
I act happy, its how I feel after all.
I play it cool, no one has to know.
I act angry, I cant admit I'm happy!
I practically faint!
I hop up and down like I wouldn't the best thing ever just happened.
I enjoy anything MHA! (So do I 😆)
I suppose... (c'mon really?)
Will you be angry if I say no? (Nope!)
It was a waste of time. (Dang)
That depends on the answer. (Relatable)

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Which MHA boy would you end up with? : Test Trivia

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