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Pequot War History Quiz

Pequot War History Quiz

Don't lose your chance to see how much you know about Pequot War!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

high taxes on food
to get more territory
8 Europeans were murdered in 1634
May 26, 1637
July 15, 1720
October 3, 1635
The Treaty of Hartford was singed.
Connecticut colonists attacked the Pequot at a village known as Mystic.
Connecticut colonists were attacked near village called Mystic.
John Stone was attacked near Block Island in 1636.
John Stone was Oldham's murder.
John Stone was kidnapping Western Niantic women and children selling them into slavery to the Virginia Colony.
Colony of England
Colony of Great Britain
Colony of the Dutch
The Plymouth Colony was established.
The Plymouth Colony was disestablished.
The Plymouth Colony celebrated the First Thanksgiving.
May 12, 1637
September 21, 1638
December 5, 1639
The Saybrook Colony was established in 1635.
The Massachusetts Bay Colony was an English settlement on the east coast of South America.
The Plymouth Colony was also known as the River Colony.
English settlers moved north into what became the colony of New Hampshire.
The Native Americans won.
The Native American was killed.
The homeland of the Pequot tribe was along the Thames and Mystic Rivers.
Treaty of Hartford was signed in 1636.
Both statements are false.

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Pequot War History Quiz : Test Trivia

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