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Colonial America History Quiz

Colonial America History Quiz

Let's have a short journey back to Colonial America!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Province of New Jersey
Jamestown, Virginia
Plymouth Colony Document
The Mayflower Compact
The Mayflower Agreement
November 11, 1620
September 25, 1760
July 4, 1550
The First Halloween
New Year's Day
The First Thanksgiving
February 20, 1704
December 19, 1675
June 21, 1637
The Sugar Act refers to the first tax on the American colonies.
The Revenue Act of 1607 was also known as the Sugar Act.
The Act listed more foreign goods not to be taxed including sugar, coffee, etc.
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Victoria
about two and a half months
less than a month
not more than one week
The Tea Act took place in May 10, 1773.
The colonies were divided into 2 groups: The New England Colonies and The Middle Colonies.
Jamestown was the first capital of Virginia.
They put taxes on the foreign food.
They were destroying farms.
Started farming so that they would have food for the winter.
Georgia was named after King George III.
Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution.
Both statements are true.

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Colonial America History Quiz : Test Trivia

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