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Egyptian Mummies

Let's have a short and an interesting journey to ancient Egypt! It's a great chance both to learn something new about Egyptian mummies and to have fun. Are you ready?

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A dead body
A deceased human with organs
A dead body that has been preserved
up to 70 days
less than a week
one year or more
A lion body
A head of a jackal
A tail of a horse
Osiris's job was to prepare the bodies of the dead to be received by Anubis.
Every mummy was buried in a tomb.
Mouths of mummies were often left open.
In the sand
In the tomb
Weren't buried
They were personal pets of the deceased.
First they were trying to mummify animals, then only human beings.
There were too many animals.
As castles for pharaohs.
Most were built as tombs for the country's pharaohs.
Both versions are right.
ancient Egyptians
ancient Chinese
ancient South Americans
Up to 20 cloth shrouds
Up to 7 cloth shrouds
Up to 100 cloth shrouds
People said he was cursed by ancient magic spells for desecrating Tutankhamen's tomb.
Ramses III's mummy was found wearing an amulet that protects him from snakes.
Cleopatra tomb was found in 1923.
A stone coffin
A tomb
A grave

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Egyptian Mummies : Test Trivia

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