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How many children should you have? Quiz

How many children should you have? Quiz

How many children should you have? Quiz Whether you're already a mother, a father or not, the thought of how many children you should have is likely to have crossed your mind at some point. Take this quiz and we'll tell you how many is right for you.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Yes, I don't mind doing it for a loved one
No, it irritates me
Just one
Three or more
I can put myself aside for a while
I don't think I could do that
I'm doing that already. It's nothing new.
It's great
It's ok
It's a mess
The oldest
One of the oldest
The middle child
One of the youngest
The youngest
We always played together
We argued a lot
I had to look after them most times
I am the only child
Very important. I need time for myself
Not so important. But i could use some every now and then
Not important. I'm happy to help others
I have eyes at the back of my head!
I'm pretty attentive
Not really. No.
If it comes to that, yes.
There has to be another to do that
No but i could work less
With love
With words
With cane
Easily irritated
Quick to anger
Very accommodating
Easily tired

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How many children should you have? Quiz : Test Trivia

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