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What you know bout rap

I want to test your rap abilities I want you to be able to know rappers like marshall brother LP to Dwayne carter.So yeah I hope you ready for a quiz of wealth and be strong not every question has to be old school to new school

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Pop smoke ft 50 cents&roddy ricch if you guess this one check twice you should be able to identify the right one choose
Pop smoke ft Ludacris&Takeoff it is a single that came out 2019 and it's by pop smoke ft Ludacris and takeoff the woo
The woo by Pop smoke ft Rarr2smoke and rick ross and it is a single that came out July 03 2006 and this song is by Smoke
LiL Wayne ft Stastic you might know this one due to rapper stastic major dying in 2008 rest in peace stastic major.
Lil Wayne ft post Malone you might think this because Post Malone in the song celebrate he sounds like a hardcore rapper
NLE Choppa- 021I see the way you looking, got a smile like your momma And you make a nigga happy through my pain.
Drake,Kanye west,Lil wayne&eminem-It may not mean nothin' to y'all But understand, nothin' was done for me.
Nle choppa ft Blueface shotta flow
Blueface ft Cardi B Thiotana remix
(Nightmare)-Kid Cudi
(Day n night)Missy Elliot
Logic,Tech N9ne
Bill gates-creator of microsoft
Jeff benzo-founder of ____________?
Future&Juice wrld- The world on drugs Ten (yeah) thousand dollar plates Thousand dollar plates Thousand dollar plates,
Chris brown-Baby does he do it for you When he's finished, does he step back and adore you I just gotta know cause your
Nipsey Hussle
Kendrick Lamar
Chris Brown,Lil wayne&Busta Rythmes
Chris brown,Migos,LiL wayne
Son Little
The weeknd
Ed sheeran
BB king
Christopher Maurice Brown
Dwayne Micheal carter Jr.
Usher reymold IV
$$$$$$$$170 million
$$$$$$$$50 Million
$$$$$$$$150 Million
Brookyln new york
Austin texas
Matthann New york
LIl Baby ft Dababy
Rod wave ft Pop smoke
Just Lil baby(sorry)
Lil baby ft chris brown
Machine gun kelly
Megan thee stallion
pop smoke
Post malone
Rah star
Chris brown
Bow wow
2K baby
24k goldn
Andre 3000
2 chainz
Doja cat ft J balvin and The weeknd
Cardi b ft J balvin and bad bunny
Megan thee stallion ft J balvin and bad bunny

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What you know bout rap : Test Trivia

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