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Are you feeling trapped in life? Quiz

Are you feeling trapped in life? Quiz There are lots of people who feel trapped life, trapped in an unhappy relationship, at an unfulfilling job, or generally unhappy with their life. Take this quiz and we'll tell you if you're one of such persons.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Crying, having a sense of suffocation.
Uncomfortable stomach, feeling cold.
Clenched teeth, wanting to hit something.
Frowning, inactivity.
None of the above
All the time
Almost never
Being aggressive
Avoiding people
None of the above
A long time ago
Few months ago
Few days ago
I don't have time for myself
More introverted
More extroverted
In a relationship
It's complicated
Very excited
Somewhat excited
Not so excited
Not excited at all
The death of a loved one
Being alone
Being teased or criticized
Emotional pain
None of the above
Regret, humiliation
Crushed, disappointment
Fright, overwhelmed
Outrage, resentment
None of the above
Crawl into a hole
Avoid people
Move to a different state
Break things
Relax or go to sleep
I'm jobless
I'm a student

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Are you feeling trapped in life? Quiz : Test Trivia

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