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What Type of Guy Do You Always Quiz

What Type of Guy Do You Always Quiz

Dating is a funny thing in this world. One minute you're dating someone kind and charming, but then you might find yourself listening to some philosophy showoff. It's great to experiment with different kinds of guys since they all help you step outside your comfort zone. But when all else fails, you could go back to your usual "type," and that's what this romantic quiz is all about today!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Well, don't start crying all the time!
Ugh, no!
Yes, they're so cute and sensitive!
He can only cry during "Titanic."
Money talks in this world, so I don't mind.
That's just not OK with me.
If it pays well, I can understand.
Can we be equals?
Bookworm intelligence
Business-savvy intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Street smarts
"OK, fine!"
"How about telling me how you actually feel?"
"Well, I guess you are fine then."
Stylish without trying too hard
I'm cool with the long-distance stuff.
Time to find a new man
Well, I guess I'm moving with him!
Beg him not to go
I don't use dating apps.
Coffee Meets Bagel
Messy eaters
Someone who takes themselves too seriously

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What Type of Guy Do You Always Quiz : Test Trivia

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