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How Can You Style Your Hair?

How Can You Style Your Hair?

Different hairstyles bring a feel-good factor when you dress up. Whether you like to wear your hair poker straight or in fun and flirty braids, they can bring a change to your overall look. In this quiz, we’ll tell you which hairstyle suits you best. If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s about time that you do.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the shape of your head?

Quite like an egg
Samajh Nahin Aa Raha! *gently running the hand over head*

In any activity, how do you contribute?

I am good at organizing stuff
I like to lend creativity
I am a leader

Tell us a little about your sleeping pattern

I fall in deep slumber as soon as I lie on the bed
I keep thinking and then fall asleep
I am a nocturnal animal

How much time do you spend on making your hair?

I just brush them so it hardly takes me a minute
5-10 minutes. I check out various styles that suit my look
I have a trademark style for all days

What’s your ideal weekend plan?

Sleeping and daydreaming
Spending time with myself and doing stuff I like
It is full of activity. Exercise, catching up with friends, etc.

How would you describe your personality?


You’ve got a chance for a photoshoot. Which location would you pick?

A beautiful forest
An open field
Some classic places around the street

How do you choose your hairstylist?

Friends recommendation
I have one in my locale
I have had the same stylist for the longest time

Do you like to try out hair colours?

No. Natural is just fine
I don’t mind safe shades that’ll flatter my look
I’m all-in for rainbows or Khaleesi’s platinum blonde

My hair type is


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How Can You Style Your Hair? : Test Trivia

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