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Quiz: How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

Quiz: How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

With the whole globe at your fingertips, it might seem impossible to narrow it down—take "The Honeymoon Quiz," straight from The Honeymoon Handbook, to discover what type of trip speaks to you.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

How would you describe your approach to life?

a) Full of new challenges: I love setting myself goals to achieve
b) Calm and consistent: I find my routine reassuring
c) Super social: I like meeting new people and seeing friends
d) Spontaneous: I'll try anything once

What's your spirit animal?

a) An elephant
b) A dolphin
c) A cat
d) A horse

What's your social network of choice?

a) Facebook: I like to show friends and family what I'm up to
b) Pinterest: I'm always dreaming about my next project
c) Twitter: I need to keep up to date on the latest news and trends
d) Instagram: I love sharing photos of all the amazing things I see

What sort of camera do you own?

a) A GoPro
b) An iPhone
c) A vintage film camera
d) A digital SLR

It's Saturday night. What are you drinking?

a) Just water. I need to be fresh for my morning run
b) A few cocktails with friends
c) A bottle of red wine with dinner
d) A couple of beers in the garden

What are you reading at the moment?

a) I'm listening to an audiobook/podcast on my way to work
b) A novel and a book about mindfulness
c) The news on my phone
d) A travel magazine

You need to go to the supermarket. What do you do?

a) Choose what I want when I get there
b) Go online to get everything delivered
c) Write a list and tick things off as I go around
d) Remember everything I need in my head

What's your idea of a romantic movie?

a) True Romance
b) Dirty Dancing
c) Amélie
d) Brokeback Mountain

What would you like your partner to do more?

a) Plan activities
b) Give me a massage
c) Book theater tickets
d) Take time to listen to me

What's your idea of a culture trip?

a) Six hours on the roof of a bus, packed full of people and chickens
b) A good book on the beach
c) A guided tour to see some prehistoric cave paintings
d) Watching gorillas in the wild

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Quiz: How to Pack for Your Honeymoon : Test Trivia

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