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Quiz: How to Personalize Your Wedding

Quiz: How to Personalize Your Wedding

Will your wedding be modern, vintage, or something totally unique? Find out now! Discover your dream wedding style, then learn ways to express it through color, design, and more. ---- -------- ------------ Quiz: How to Personalize Your Wedding Organizing a marriage can be amazing—especially since it\'s comfortable to default to what you\'ve seen in movies, brochures, or several people\'s weddings. Here at The Knot, we consider your wedding should match your different love story. If you\'re grappling with how to personalize your marriage, we\'ve hit wedding plan pros for all the best intentions so that you can have a wedding that appears like it\'s yours—truly. From artistic ceremony backdrops to stunning cocktail hours, we have you covered. Below, see Meyer and Lee\'s most helpful advice on how to personalize your marriage. The Stationery Rather than seeing paper as just an extra item on your to-do list, think of it as an explanation to put your spin on stuff. Meyer helps couples to consider how they want to express their love story from the start. The Registry Your wedding wishlist is a different wonderful chance to showcase your preferences. Don\'t think restricted to the usual lineup of goods (throw pillows, pottery dishes, and so on). Feel easy to obtain creativity with your registry and include several sensitive picks. If you have sufficient home assets, think about setting up a charity with the help of a cause close to your soul. With the staff of The Knot Cash Fund, customers can simply support whatever charity you\'ve chosen. The Venue Choosing a venue can often be thought of as one of the most important decisions during the wedding plan method. After all, it\'s the context of your presentation and the backdrop of all your images. The Vendors One important way to show your true people is to be concerned about the wedding vendors you hire. "You can seem at organizing your wedding as consuming your money to throw a party, or you can seem at your wedding as spending money in a business you think in and helping people you believe in." The Decor Meyer says that nearly all pairs he works with say they need their wedding to be fun—but they\'re unwilling to consider outside the box. The prime thing the pair should do is think about how they like to have fun and take that into the party. The Flowers You may believe that flowers are clear: Find a few to go on the views of the way and as centerpieces for the charts. The Ceremony Meyer says all details of your function should be thoughtfully performed—beginning with the floorplan. The Wedding Party Your wedding function should include your most intimate friends—regardless of duration, familial relationships, or gender. "I don\'t understand why there\'s this thought that females can have ladies and men can easily have people in a situation where spirits typically have spouses of both genders or co-workers who are gender nonconforming," Meyer says. The Reception If you need to have furious fun, a two-hour-long seated covered dinner might not be the best opportunity for you. The Menu A popular wedding menu might bring to mind chicken and fish, but customizing your menu is one of the best ways to personalize your wedding. If you and your spouse are complete foodies, think of a meal truck-style dinner.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Do you have (or plan to have) a wedding planner?

Yes (Correlates to: Romantic, Traditional, Industrial)
No (Correlates to: Naturalistic, Minimal, DIY)

What does your perfect day with your fiancé look like?

Super chill, just hanging out at home with no agenda (Correlates to: Minimal)
Picnic, wine, reading books, and a bike ride or a hike (Correlates to: Naturalistic)
Somewhere exotic (Correlates to: Romantic)

What picture best describes your relationship?


What do you plan to have for dessert at your wedding?

Cake 100% (Correlates to: Traditional)
Maybe cupcakes or cake, not sure yet (Correlates to: DIY)
Doughnuts (Correlates to: Minimal)
Pie (Correlates to: Naturalistic)

Great. What is your engagement story? Did he ask? Was it an accident?

He asked. It was perfectly planned and so romantic (Correlates to: Romantic, Traditional)
He asked. But it was spur of the moment and I was completely surprised (Correlates to: Naturalistic, Romantic)
It was mutually discussed and agreed that we should get married (Correlates to: Industrial)
We picked out the ring together and I waited forever for him to ask (Correlates to: DIY)

How long have you known each other?

Less than a year (Correlates to: Romantic, DIY)
1-2 years (Correlates to: Minimal, Industrial)
2-5 years (Correlates to: Naturalistic, Traditional)
5-10 years (Correlates to: Traditional)

Do you get along with each others families?

Romantic, Traditional, DIY
Naturalistic, Minimal, Industrial
Romantic, Traditional, DIY
Naturalistic, Industrial

How much of your wedding did you have planned before you got engaged?

ALL of it (Correlates to: Romantic, Traditional, DIY)
Most of it (Correlates to: Romantic, Traditional, DIY)
Absolutely nothing (Correlates to: Minimal, Industrial)

My decorating style is...

Breezy and laid back
Tasteful and timeless
Surfinf lessons

My honeymoon highlight will be:

Captured and shared in real time
Trying a bizarre but beloved local delicacy
A romantic candlelit dinner

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