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Do you know about Ruby Language?

Do you know about Ruby Language?

This Quiz contains some of the basic information about Ryby language.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is Ruby?

Scioal Network
Programming Language
Foreign Language

Who is the designer of Ruby language?

Temarong Doung
Utahans Siyaru
Yukihiro Matsumoto

When the Ruby language 1st appeared?

in 1995
in 1997
in 1999

In which country Ruby language was developed?

In Canada
In India
In Japan

Which was the first public version of Ruby?

Ruby 1
Ruby 1.0
Ruby 0.95

When Ruby 1.2 released?

on June 1999
on December 1998
in March 1997

When the first article about Ruby was published on the Web?

In 1999
In 1994
In 1997

Which version of Ruby get released on August 1999?

Ruby 1.4
Ruby 1.3
Ruby 1.5

When the Ruby Application Archive was launched by Matsumoto?

In 1992
In 1998
In 1995

When Matsumoto and Keiju Ishitsuka wrote the first book on Ruby?

In 1991
In 1993
In 1999

By 2000, Ruby was more popular than .............. In Japan,


When the first English language mailing list ruby-talk began?

In 1997
In 1999
In 1995

When the first English language book Programming Ruby was printed?

In 1996
In 2003
In 2000

Which Ruby version was released on Christmas Day in 2007?

Ruby 1.9
Rubby 1.7
Rubby 1.8

Which Ruby version released on Christmas Day in 2013?

Rubby 2.1.0
Rubby 3.0
Rubbi 1.2

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Do you know about Ruby Language? : Test Trivia

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