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Quiz: Can a man run from a woman he actually loves?

Quiz: Can a man run from a woman he actually loves?

If a man feels that he must run from the woman he loves to love her best, then of course he can. There are lots of reasons that he could feel that way. But basically, if the messages he constantly gets from her indicate that leaving her is the BEST he can do for her, well, then that is most certainly what he will do if he truly loves her. That might sound counter-intuitive but it’s not at all in reality.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Does he talk about the future?

Jokingly, but not in a serious way we're normally flirty
Yes, we both do, but less lately.
No, he makes it clear we're going with the flow and aren't committed

Does he treat you differently than other people?

Yes, but lately, I wish he did it more he takes me for granted
No, he's flirty with a lot of women, not just me.
No, he treats me like any other person.
Yes, he's always so attentive and does little things like hold hands, playfully touch me randomly, hug me, etc.

Does he tell you things about his past and share personal details about his life?

No, he never tells me personal stuff. It's all sexual or flirty or casual
Never, he would never do that. He doesn't talk about his personal thoughts or feelings with me.
Yes, he shares a lot of personal stuff that he doesn't tell anyone else.

Does he get you little gifts or do things like take you out for dinner, hold doors open, etc.?

He does, but not as much lately
I'm always the one giving, not him
No, never

Does he ever text you "just because"?

Not much unless it's late at night or about sexual or flirty stuff
No, he only texts if he wants something
Yes, and it makes me smi

How often do you laugh together or act silly/goofy together?

All the time, if anyone else saw how we act together, they'd think we were crazy.
Not often. I'd be too self-conscious that I would embarrass myself in front of him.
He makes me laugh like a little girl, but he's always smooth and never breaks into laughter, ever.

Generally speaking, how do you feel in your relationship with him? Be honest.

Nervous that I'm going to screw something up with him, so I'm extra careful.
Terrified that I'm going to lose him. I feel like I'm not quite good enough for him.
Happy and comfortable. We "get" each other completely and I don't worry about our relationship.

Does he tell you he loves you?

Yes, all the time
Yes, but I don't think he means it
No, he hates saying "I love you" because he was hurt in the pa

If he has said I love you, how often does he say it??

He would never say it
He says it randomly when he feels like it
When it benefits him in some way

Do you feel loved by him?

Not at all
Not really
Kind of

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Quiz: Can a man run from a woman he actually loves? : Test Trivia

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