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Quiz about Green Up Day.

Quiz about Green Up Day.

This quiz contains information about Green Up Day.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which Day is celebrated as the Green Up day?

1st Saturday in May
last sunday in June
Middle of July

When the 1st Green Up day was celebrated?

in 1960
in 1980
in 1970

Who launched the Green Up Day 1st?

William Nathan
Deane C. Davis
Jhon Kepler

When the day was celebrated for the 1st time?

in 1970
in 1780
in 1782

Green Up day is celebrated to clean up-

Roadside trash

When the non-profit organization Green Up Vermont was formed?

In 1975
In 1960
In 1979

When the 48th Green Up day was celebrated?

in 2011
in 2018
in 2015

On which date the 48th-anniversary of Green Up day was celebrated?

1 January
5 May
2 June

The Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) supports Green Up Day with an annual donation of-


Green Up Day raising public awareness about the benefits of -

A litter-free environment.

When the Green Up Poster Art Design Contest is launched?

in 1986
in 1985
in 1980

When Sheldon Prentice secured a loan for Vermont Green Up Inc.?

in 1995
in 1990
in 1985

When Melinda changed the dba name of Vermont Green Up to Green Up Vermont?

in 1996
in 185
in 1990

On which date the Green Up Day was celebrated in 2000?

August 5
May 6

When Green Up Day will celebrate the 50th anniversary?

In 2020
In 2021
In 2019

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Quiz about Green Up Day. : Test Trivia

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