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Are You Green as Grass or Black as Coal? Quiz

Are You Green as Grass or Black as Coal? Quiz

What's your attitude towards life in general? Are you green as grass or black as coal? Take this quiz and we'll tell you.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Go out there and shoot it
Go outside and yell at it
Get annoyed you'll have to clean the mess up tomorrow
Think it's cute, but you wish it didn't make such a mess
First class
Business class
I'd go for a private jet instead
Once or twice
Only a few times
More than i can count
No, never
All the time
Almost never
One who is concerned about economic development
One who is concerned about the environment
One who is concerned about basic necessity
One who is concerned about foreign policies
Of course!
Only the ones I like
Not really
Assume it won't be that bad and eat it all.
Assume it will be disgusting and say you're not hungry.
Try to shoo it away before the car comes close
Nothing, It'll save itself by using it's natural instincts to avoid danger.
Maybe the driver will stop
A job where you have lot of influence, but not much money
A job with lots of money, but you little influence on others
Yes, It's kinda fun
Maybe, if it is to protect myself
A harmless animal? No way!
I expect my life to be a lot better
I expect things to be the same, with a few improvements
I'll be lucky if things are as good as they are now
All the time
Only if you think there's a good chance you'll win
No, it's a waste of time
If i need it bad enough
I could think of it but i wouldn't dare do it
It wouldn't cross my mind in a million years
A chance to start fresh
Probably going to suck
I don't know until it's over

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Are You Green as Grass or Black as Coal? Quiz : Test Trivia

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