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Are You Working to Live or Living to Work? Quiz

Are You Working to Live or Living to Work? Quiz

Are you working to live or living to work? Knowing which one applies to you would allow you to develop a realistic expectation about yourself and to choose the right career path for you. Take this quiz and we'll tell you.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Having the opportunity to create something i believe in
Solving problems
Knowing that what i do helps someone one way or the other
My paycheck is my motivation
Once or twice a day
At least three times a day
Pretty much every hour
People who aren't obsessed with their jobs
People who love giving back to the society
People who are ambitious and high achieving
People who are different from me so i can learn new things
Every day
Every week
Every month or so
I'm good at translating information to action
I find it easy to connect people and understand their point of view
I'm good at coming up with fresh ways to get things done.
More optimistic
More pessimistic
Almost all the time
Regular but not all the time
I prefer being on my own
Almost never
Sometime this week or last week
Sometime this month
It's been a long time
Sure, I’m a people person.
Only when necessary.
There are set guidelines that I can follow.
I have the freedom to make my own decisions on how to handle it.
It’s a complex problem with no clear answer
This year/last year
It's been a long time, i can't remember
I've never been on vacation

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Are You Working to Live or Living to Work? Quiz : Test Trivia

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