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Are you gay?

Are you gay?

Take this quiz to see if you like the same gender as yourself.

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You May Get Result Of Are you gay?

you are straight as they come. You like the opposite gender and can't imagine being with the same gender.
You are straight but seek a little excitement so you make yourself believe your gay.
You could be gay or bisexual. You like the same gender but at the same time you don't.
you are gay and nothing anyone says or does can change that. being gay is ok and if you don't like it then that is ok too.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Have you ever seen someone the same gender as you and found them attractive?

Hell yeah- and more than once!
mmm...Maybe once or twice
Ew No

Have you ever dated the same gender?

Yeah loads of times
Once or twice
No but I wanted to

Have you ever kissed someone the same gender as you?

Yeah who hasn't?
Yeah in my dreams.
No but I want to
No who would want to do that?!

Have you ever searched two people of the same gender kissing?


Have you ever had sex with the same gender?

Yes and i enjoyed it
yes but i didn't like it
ew no
no but it sounds nice

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Are you gay? : Test Trivia

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