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Are You Skinflint Or Spendthrift? Quiz

Are You Skinflint Or Spendthrift? Quiz

Are you a kind of person who spends money in an extravagant manner or would you rather save your money and spend as little money as possible? Take this quiz and we'll tell you if you are a skinflint or a spendthrift.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Less than 18
18 - 24
25 - 30
Above 30
Once or twice a week
Three to four times a week
Five or more times a week
Spend it on things I want, including gifts for others.
Figure out ways of investing it to get the best possible return.
Give most of it away to organizations that can make the world a better place.
Yes, I take pride in following my budget closely.
No, i don't
As little as possible
We talk on the phone oftentimes, but don’t see each other often
All the time I can, family is everything
No, I ought to be saving money, but I never seem to get around to it.
No, I have trouble saving money, which bothers me sometimes.
Yes, i really enjoy saving
I try not to borrow money because it's easy to lose track of paying it back.
It's rare for me to borrow money
I borrow money quite often
Going out with friends, looking good and having fun
Books, movies and/or other specialist pursuits
Receive government support
Fend more for themselves
On myself
On other people
Yes, it's pretty obvious
Only after they get to know you
No, never

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Are You Skinflint Or Spendthrift? Quiz : Test Trivia

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