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Are You a Rolling Stone or a Moss Gatherer? Quiz

Are You a Rolling Stone or a Moss Gatherer? Quiz

Are you a type of person who is always on the move or do you prefer to take time to take in your environment? Answer this quiz and we'll tell you if you're more of a rolling stone or more of a moss gatherer.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

In your free time on the weekend, you'd prefer...

Sharing a deep conversation with a friend
Mingling at a party filled with people you've never met before

What's your favorite mode of transportation?


When you meet someone for the first time...

You usually do most of the talking
You usually do most of the listening

You’ve been sitting in the doctor’s waiting room for more than 25 minutes. You...

Look at your watch every two minutes
Bubble with inner anger, but keep quiet
Complain in a loud voice, while tapping your foot impatiently

You feel more yourself when you’re...

The center of attention
In the background

How many times do you travel in a year?

Once or twice
At most 3 times
Only during long holidays
Over three times

The people who know you best are more likely to describe you as someone who’s:

Outgoing and a talkative
Quiet and reflective

How long can you stay away from home and still feel comfortable?

A couple of hours
A couple of days
A couple of weeks
A couple of months

During dinner parties at your home, you have a hard time with people who...

Ask you to tell a story in front of everyone else
Talk privately between themselves
Hang around you all evening
Always drag the conversation back to themselves

Where is your childhood hometown?

In another state
In another country
Right where i live

What's your element?


Which one of these would you rather do?

Hangout with friends
Go to the mall
Read a book
Play video games

Are you often reluctant to try new things?


Are you willing to accept the blame when you do something wrong?


Choose a superhero...

Iron man

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Are You a Rolling Stone or a Moss Gatherer? Quiz : Test Trivia

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