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What 'Type' Is Your Child? Your Kid's Personality Type Test

What 'Type' Is Your Child? Your Kid's Personality Type Test

Knowing your child's personality type is important as it would help you understand how to handle your child better. This quiz will reveal your child's personality type based on your selected answers concerning his/her behaviors.

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You May Get Result Of What 'Type' Is Your Child? Your Kid's Personality Type Test

Your child is phlegmatic who cares deeply about others' feelings. He/she is thoughtful, controlled, attentive and diplomatic.
Your child is a melancholy who wants to get things just right. He/she is detailed, orderly, persistent and respectful.
Your child is a Sanguine who is primarily interested in being with other people and having fun. He/she is playful, talkative, lively and imaginative.
Your child is a choleric who values adventure and being the leader. He/she is determined, competitive and strong-willed.

Quiz Questions And Answers

How does your child sleep?

Light sleep, easily interrupted
Sound sleep, medium length
Sound, long, typically heavy sleep

When your child's teacher tells you how much she enjoys having your son/daughter in class, it is most likely because

He/she is creative, cheerful, and comes up with great new ideas.
He/she doesn't quit but keeps working on a project until it's done right.
He/she listens calmly and intently in class and does everything he can to please his teachers.
He/she catches on to material quickly and enjoys teaching other kids what he knows.

Which best describe your child's mental quality?

Quick mind, imaginative, restless at times
Sharp intellect, efficient, perfectionist at times
Calm, steady, stable mind

Other people are always remarking on your child's....

Energy and enthusiasm.
Attention to detail.
Leadership ability.

Which best describes your child's learning style?

Quick to learn but quick to unlearn too, easily excited
Intense study, may get passionate about one thing
May take time to learn, but then always has it

How does your child talk?

Talks quickly, may use hand gestures
He/she is a deliberate, strong-willed speaker
He/she speaks calmly, pleasingly

Does your child have trouble following instructions?


How does your child walk?

Walks quickly, may like to take sprints
Brisk walking style
Slow and steady

Does your child often watch other kids playing instead of playing with them?

He/she usually just watches other kids play
He/she usually joins the playing kids
Sometimes he/she joins, other times he/she watches

Does your child get mad or moody when criticized or corrected?


Is your child often reluctant to perform in front of others?


How does your child deal with conflict among his peers?

He/she usually avoids it
He/she usually faces it head on

Do you think your child is more introverted or more extroverted?

More introverted
More extroverted
A little bit of both

Does your child adapts rapidly to a new situation?


Which does your child prefer?

Helping others
Playing and having fun
Staying on his/her own doing "his/her thing".

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What 'Type' Is Your Child? Your Kid's Personality Type Test : Test Trivia

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