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What is your favorite taste?

When there is a matter of taste every person has got its own taste and it is important for him too. Most of us love the unique food of our taste at our dining table. Answer the following questions to help us to judge everything you require in our kitchen.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Non vegetarian.
Either of them.
Vanilla, strawberry
I like chips
I like bitter foods for health
Indian Curries.
Italian Pasta.
Continental Food.
Popcorn Chicken
Linguine with white sauce
Dried squid
Rice cakes
Potato Chips
Sour cream
All Spice
Kale Smoothie
Pineapple Smoothie
Sweet potato and banana smoothie
Onion soup
Sweet Potato soup
Roasted garlic butternut squash

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What is your favorite taste? : Test Trivia

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