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Are You Faithful or Fickle? Quiz

Are You Faithful or Fickle? Quiz

How likely are you to stick to one person and commit to relationship for a long time? Are you faithful or fickle? Take this quiz and we'll tell you.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

In a relationship
It's complicated
1 time
2 - 3 times
4 - 5 times
Over 5 times
Yes, getting married and living happily ever after.
I don't want to get married but we can cohabit and have children.
No, i'd like to explore other options
Yes, it's just fun
A few times but i regret it now
Once but i told my partner and he/she forgave me
No, never.
Strike up a conversation as soon as i can
Watch him/her for a while then introduce yourself
It depends on how good looking he/she is
Yes, and it usually works.
Sometimes, if I’m in the mood.
Not really, that’s not my thing.
Yes, and I try to strike up a convo with him or her.
Yes, but I don’t typically talk to him/her
No, who cares?
On multiple occasions.
Only a few times.
Instantly ditch my friends and go over to him or her.
Ask my friends if it’s okay if I go talk to him or her.
Tell my friends that I think he or she is cute, but don’t do anything
Don’t tell my friends and don’t do anything.
Approach him or her and strike up a conversation.
Continually make eye contact and flash him or her your biggest smile.
Try to make eye contact with him or her, but if not it’s not a big deal
Don’t make a move. I'm in a relationship.
Almost always
Mostly never

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Are You Faithful or Fickle? Quiz : Test Trivia

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