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Are You a Survivor or a Softie?

Are You a Survivor or a Softie?

Do you know how to cope in difficult situations or would you rather just take the easy route? Answer this quiz questions and we'll tell you whether you're a survivor or a softie.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

I love me, I wouldn't change a thing!
There are some things I could improve on.
I have a lot of regrets.
Bandage it until i get home
Stitch is up myself with a fishing line
Cauterise it with a burning stick
Change the subject.
Make your position know loud and clear.
Make an excuse to end the conversation.
Say things the other person wants to hear to avoid conflict.
Keep your distance.
Get out of there.
Don't worry about it, a cub can't hurt you.
Climb higher to avoid flash floods
Climb down and stay out of the open
Stay where you are and take shelter
They found water
They found something dead
They are playing
I don't think so
Fresh grass
Dead leaves
Engage a workman
Hire a chainsaw
Snap them off with your bare hands
Leave a fire going all night to scare them away.
Store your food and trash where they can't smell it

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Are You a Survivor or a Softie? : Test Trivia

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