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Quiz about Solar Appreciation Day.

Quiz about Solar Appreciation Day.

All about Solar Energy.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Solar Appreciation Day refers the support towards...

Vitamin D
Solar energy
Sun shine

Which day known as the solar appreciation day?

11th January
19th April
10th March

How we can use renewable solar energy?

Using antena
Solar panel
Magnetic plate

Which country aims to achieve 9600 MW of solar power capacity by 2030?

South Africa

Which factor is more important to produce more Solar energy?

Solar panel

Which weather is good for solar energy?


What is the typical warranty for solar panels?

25 years
70 years
90 years

What could be the typical installation cost of per Watt solar electricity?

3 to 6 USD
80 to 100 USD
120 to 150 USD

When Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect that helps to produce energy from sunlight?

In 1840
In 1839
In 1850

When Augustin Mouchot introduced a solar power generator at the Universal Exhibition in Paris?

In 1750
In 1760
In 1878

When "Solar Energy in the Developing World" conference is held by the United Nations?

In 1952
In 1961
In 1971

When the Telstar communications satellite is powered by solar cells?

In 1962
In 1933
In 1960

When Skylab sky station is powered by solar cells?

In 1930
In 1950
In 1973

When Florida Solar Energy Center begins?

In 1970
In 1771
In 1974

When the Solar Energy Research Institute is established at Golden, Colorado?

In 1960
In 1980
In 1977

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Quiz about Solar Appreciation Day. : Test Trivia

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