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How big you are fan of Alex O'Loughlin?

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How big you are fan of Alex O'Loughlin?
Test yourself for the personal and professional life of famous actress Alex O'Loughlin.
29 January
24 August
30 October
10 April
39 years
45 years
41 years
43 years
Toronto, Canada
Berlin, Germany
Los Angeles, California
Canberra, Australia
Amy Adams
Malia Jones
Grace Park
Michelle Borth
Lion O'Loughlin, Saxon O'Loughlin
Johan O'Loughlin, Grace O'Loughlin
Scott O'Loughlin, Teilor O'Loughlin
Daniel O'Loughlin, Lauren O'Loughlin
Johan O'Loughlin
Daniel O'Loughlin
Jackie O'Loughlin
Jack O'Loughlin
AFI Award
Silver Logie Award
Australians in film Breakthrough award
Golden Globes
August Rush
The Holiday
The Invisible

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