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Are you a neat freak?

Are you a neat freak?

We know you like your house clean but are you obsessed with neatness and cleanliness? Do you like putting things in the right places all the time? Or can you over look certain things at times? Take this quiz and find out if you are a neat freak.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

All the time. It's hard to avoid.
Sometimes. I try to avoid it.
No, i remove it before it gets bad
Uhh it's just a grease stain
Baking soda and water should do the trick
Simply throw the item away
Right after it comes out of the dryer
Whenever i have time on my hands
Fold it???
Brushing your teeth
Taking your bathe
I'd rather go late. I can't skip any.
Check for dust and invite them in of course
Tidy up a bit and invite them in. only in the living room though
Answer the door, i won't invite them in
Clean them immediately
Clean them later
Wash all the dirty laundry from my luggage and put away everything that's clean
Put my luggage in the closet and go to bed
Put a few things away and try to relax

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