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Quiz: How to Overcome Envy

Quiz: How to Overcome Envy

Take this quiz to find out if you have jealous tendencies or totally chill.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

You are supposed to be chairing a meeting alongside a colleague whom everyone thinks is fantastic. You:

Go along with it, reminding yourself you are just as capable of impressing
Make a big scene about no one asking you your opinion
Let her just get on with it if she’s so great
Ask her advice on how best to go about it

When you have something on your mind you tend to: Talk about it

Talk about it
Let it out all at once
Keep your feelings to yourself
Pretend nothing’s wrong

You’re over at a friend’s for dinner and your partner is laughing with another man/woman at the table. You:

Feel a twinge of jealousy
Go over and ask what’s so funny
Try and listen to their conversation from the other side of the room
Think that it’s perfectly all right

Your sister has just bought the car you have always dreamed of owning. You tell her:

Ah well, we’ll have two the same!
I was more interested in a different model
Wow, it’s an amazing car
I’m very happy for you

Your partner is showing you pictures of his friends when a picture of his ex falls out of the album. You:

Don’t want to linger over it too long
Hope he throws it away afterwards
Compare yourself with her
Tell him he’s got good taste

No one has mentioned your latest painting, of which you are very proud. You:

Ask people what they think of it
Assume that you’ll never amount to anything
Suspect that they think it’s ugly
Assume that they’ve got other things on their minds

Your partner is going out without you. You:

Pretend you’re not bothered but interrogate one of his/her friends about it the next day
Tell him/her not to worry, you’re tired anyway
Make the most of it and invite a friend over to watch DVDs
Accuse him/her of preferring their friends’ company to yours

Your parents ask for your brother’s opinion about something, but don’t consult you. You think:

It’s a shame they didn’t come to me — I could have given them some good advice
They’ve always preferred my brother
They’re no doubt punishing me for something
My brother’s better placed to advise on this one

You’re in a restaurant with a friend and a really gorgeous man won’t leave her alone. You think:

She has amazing powers of seduction
I’m not here to play gooseberry
She always gets the attention
Love is in the air

You’re in a bar and someone is boasting that they’ve been out with someone famous. You:

Let them carry on. It’s not that exciting
You invent a relationship with someone even more famous
Watch out for the slip that will prove he/she is bluffing
Listen attentively

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