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Which unique wedding location suits Me? Quiz

Which unique wedding location suits Me? Quiz

From small, intimate venues to sprawling event spaces, finding the right wedding location for your wedding comes down to personal style, season, and budget. Take this quiz and we'll tell you which unique wedding location suits you.

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While art museums are a classic choice, there are other options worth entertaining. Natural history museums, city museums, air and space museums, and even children's museums often have spaces to rent.
Public parks provide some of the prettiest backdrops you'll find for your fete. And while they're the perfect spot for an intimate, casual wedding, pulling off an affair on a grander scale can be done
Iconic libraries make the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated soiree, as the spaces are usually historic and sprawling, with beautiful architectural details.
Love the sea? Why not wed on a sailboat, yacht, riverboat or ferry! Your guests will love it, and your photographer will be thankful for the changing backgrounds throughout the day.

Quiz Questions And Answers

What kind of guests are you expecting?

I want just family and a few close friends
I want it to be a good mix of family, old friends, and new friends
As small as possible
I want it to be a pretty large crowd

What season do you want do you want to get married in?


What kind of wedding vibe do you like the most?

Party-like atmosphere
I just want it to be about us

What gift are most likely to give your bride or groom on the wedding day?

A watch
An espresso machine
A piece of jewelry
A pair of shoes

Which of these cute animals would you like to have on your big day?

A donkey
A pony
A fluffy dog
A cat

Can you make decisions without help from other people?


Do you want your reception to be outdoors or indoors?


What does your wedding budget look like?

I have a modest budget set aside for the wedding
Tight. Like, "how is this wedding even going to happen?"
For the most part we can feel free to spend what we need

Is your lover more of a romantic lover or a pragmatic lover?

Romantic lover
Pragmatic lover

Which serving style do you prefer for your wedding meal?

Cocktail style
Plated Dinner
Family style

Which of these activity would you and your spouse most enjoy?

Staying in and watching your favorite TV shows
Lounging by the pool
Having dinner at a fancy restaurant
Going for a long evening stroll

Which of these color schemes do you like best?

Pink and gold
Gray and yellow
Black and white
Turquoise and orange
Mint and peach

Do you have trouble expressing your feelings?


Describe your relationship with one word...


Which of these musicians do you most want at your wedding?

Taylor Swift

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