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Quiz: How to Enjoy Being Single

Quiz: How to Enjoy Being Single

Are you looking for true love or are you happy in your single ways? Take this test and we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the first thing you do when you get home from work?

I take off my bra.
I say hello to my pets.
I get ready to work out.
I take a shower.

Do you ever miss your ex?

Not so much.
Only when it comes to taking out the garbage. Advertisement
Yes, more than I should.
Yes, more than I shoul

Who do you think is the happiest celebrity?

Tom Cruise.
Seth Rogan.
Julia Roberts.

Being the only single person with a bunch of couples...

Is completely unbearable
Definitely makes you wish you had someone too
Definitely makes you wish you had someone too

If you're single for a while, you:

Are completely bored and starved for affection
Are a little lonely, but you end up finding stuff to do
End up developing some new friendships and interests

How soon does it become serious once you start dating someone new?

After a couple days
After a couple weeks
After a month or more

Your home:

Consists of cheap mismatched furniture and very little decor
Has a little bit of that bachelor / bachelorette feel, but you're working on it
Is very nicely set up

On any given weekend night:

You decide that going out isn't worth the trouble
You're probably at your favorite bar or restaurant, with the regular crowd.
You could be doing almost anything, with almost anyone. You like to mix it up.

Spending the holidays alone is:

So depressing that you don't even like to imagine it
A bit of a bummer
Not that bad - you can figure out something to do

Do you have a great life as a single person? Like good friends, a career you enjoy, and other interests?

You have some of those things
Not really

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Quiz: How to Enjoy Being Single : Test Trivia

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