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Are You A Good Liar? | Am I a Liar? Test

Are You A Good Liar? | Am I a Liar? Test

Anyone who says they never lie is lying. Everyone lies sometimes. Some people are good at it, while some are really bad at it. Are you a good liar or a bad one? Take this quiz and we'll tell you. So do you want to test, Am I a good Liar? This quiz gives you the answer of this question.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Make a ton of eye contact
Make a little eye contact but not a lot
Avoid eye contact
Almost all the time
Every now and then
Once a while
Hardly never
If you feel good in it then it’s perfect. It’s made for you
It’s not bad, but you could ask for a few alterations
If you want my honest opinion then I have to say that I don’t like it and that it doesn’t suit you at all
Straight out lie.
Blabber on and on until no one wants to listen.
Try to come up with the best excuse that comes to my mind.
You pocket the cash and leave quickly
Hesitate for a minute and then take the money after all
Tell the shop assistant her mistake and give the money back
Of course! When it comes to lying, you need to be able to think fast.
Not really. By the time I come up with an excuse, it's obvious that I lied.
Wait to hear what the other person will say
Change the subject
Leave immediately
Say they are all 10
Say the 11 year old is 10 and pay for the 12 year old
Pay for the older children without quibbling
Get angry and blast the person
Get a little defensive
Confess the truth
Yes, i am
Not really. I have a lot to learn
No, i suck at it

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Are You A Good Liar? | Am I a Liar? Test : Test Trivia

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