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What Is Your Love Style?

What Is Your Love Style?

Humans are dynamic creatures and your love style shows how you love. Everyone has a unique love style. Take this quiz to know your own love style.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

It's complicated
Down to earth
Very independent
Somewhat independent
Not independent
Never been in a relationship.
I'm extremely open
I'm open with my loved ones
I'm very closed off
Give them a card, and take them to the movies.
Take him/her to a restraunt where you pay.
Throw him/her a surprise party
Just plan a day where you two can spend time together
I love it
Sometimes i don't
I don't like it
Sometimes i do
I have no problem saying no
Matching outfits
Complimentary outfits
Different outfits
Romantic night in a fancy restaurant
A gift from the person i love
A love letter
Dinner at a fancy restaurant
I feel more loved when they say "I love you"
I feel more loved when the show it through physical touch
All the time
As often as possible
Not so often
I would describe myself as a romantic lover
I would describe myself as a pragmatic lover
I wouldn't describe myself as any of that

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What Is Your Love Style? : Test Trivia

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