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Quiz: Which New Zealand Bird Are You?

Quiz: Which New Zealand Bird Are You?

Answer our questions below and come on a Birdventure with us, we'll tell you which bird you are . Are you more clever kea or cool kiwi? Take the quiz to find out!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Where do you live?

A basement flat
A flat
A house with a large garden
In a gated community

Do you travel:

As little as possible
As much as you can
Only to find somewhere warm
Only when you're forced to

Would you describe yourself as:

An early riser
A late riser
Preferring daylight hours

When do you sing?

At any given opportunity
You will never make me sing
Only in a rap battle to prove I'm better than a love rival
I'm too busy laughing to sing

What would you eat?

A small plate of moths
A gecko and frog kebab
Spider and freshwater salad
Fruit and insect salad

In a running race, where would you come?

Not first, but in the top half of the leaderboard
Not last, but certainly near the back

Hypothetically, how much do you weigh?

Not a lot
About average
Perhaps a little more than other people
Hypothetically, mind your own business

You are stranded on an island. How do you hunt for food?

Just picking up berries and plants
Foraging from the leftovers of other predators
Getting on your hands and knees and crawling along the ground, looking for insects
Hiding in the trees and dropping down on your un-suspecting prey

You need to sneak past an awkward chat. How well would you do?

Excellently, I am a ninja!
OK, I'd get past them, but I wouldn't look very smooth doing it
Terribly, I'd trip over a broom and fall on the floor in front of them
I don't need to sneak, I can just join in the conversation as I'm so popular!

Where do you live?

Basement Flat
House with large Garden

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Quiz: Which New Zealand Bird Are You? : Test Trivia

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