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What Color Is My Aura? | Aura Color Quiz

What Color Is My Aura? Quiz | Color Aura Quiz Aura colors can reveal information about your thoughts, feelings and dreams. Everyone radiates an aura. Take this quiz to find out yours. Aura color quiz, Aura color test, Color aura quiz, What is my aura quiz. You will love this quiz after playing. Let’s introduce yourself with Aura Colors. By taking this quiz you will find out that which Aura Color suits your personality. The aura is the electromagnetic radiations that surround the human body and every object in the universe. The human energy field is a collection of electromagnetic radiations of varying densities that permeate through the human body in an out Colors are very important in our life. The human aura is also sometimes referred to as a psychic energy field each of the aura colors represent a person’s mood or physical health and also reflect the condition of their chakras. The key aura colors are of seven types. Major colors which are associated with the aura are Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Green and Violet. Each aura color represents some traits. Among them Red is the most powerful color because red is passionate strong reactive to their environment. Red represent the presence of love, blood, sexual desire and life force. Like this every Aura color possess different qualities like Orange represents how confident you are, Blue is indicates the calmness in you, Yellow symbolizes your moods either you are happy or feeling generous. Aura colors explains the very much psyche of the person. Aura colors are some neuropsychological feature we can call them synesthesia Aura consist of 7 levels physical auric body i.e. the etheric auric body, The physical auric body, Vital auric body, Astral body, Lower mental auric body, Higher mental auric body and Spiritual body. Now let’s take this fun quiz and find out which color Aura belongs to you and reflects your traits. Enjoy this fun ride. What Color Is My Aura? This is a question you may ask if you want to find your energy source. This reliable personality test will help you find out your color.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Yes, i do
Yes but i get over it quickly
No, i don't
Reading books
Watching TV
Playing games
Doing sports
Confront them
Try to see things from their point of view
Hurt them back
Cry, cry, cry
Engage in any physical activity that would take my mind off my ex
Hangout with friends and try to meet new people
Drown myself in alcohol
Self help/improvement
Sci-fi novels
Romance novels
I have a high tolerance for physical pain
I have an average tolerance for physical pain
I have a low tolerance for physical pain
I have no tolerance for physical pain
I usually have an optimistic view
I usually have a pessimistic view

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What Color Is My Aura? | Aura Color Quiz : Test Trivia

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