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Are You a Natural Leader or a Follower? Leadership Quiz

Are You a Natural Leader or a Follower? Leadership Quiz

Are You a Natural Leader or a Follower? Leadership Quiz Leadership has nothing to do with your title. It has nothing to do with authority or seniority. A true leader influences people to do more than they ever thought possible in pursuit of a greater good. Take this quiz and we'll tell you if you're

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Your friend invites you to a party but you have work to do, what will you do?

Drop my work and go party with my friends
It depends on what kind of work i have
I'm not sure, my mood will determine what I do
I'll pass and focus on my work. There's time for everything.

You've recently adopted a vegetarian diet, but your friends insist on going to a restaurant where all the main dishes are meat. What do you do?

Eat meat, it won't hurt to break your diet just this once.
Tell your friends you'll pass and go home.

Are you following the latest trend or setting one?

Setting mine
Doing both

When you have trouble solving a problem, do you ask for help?


At malls, do you sometimes follow doors where it says exit simply because they open anyway?

Only when I see others going through them
Never I use the proper side

When are asked to be in charge of a task, how do you think other people regard you?

A good leader
Nice but ineffectual.
I don't care what they think of me as long as they do as I say.
I don't know

Are you more optimistic or more pessimistic?

More optimistic
More pessimistic
I can be both

Can you make decisions without help from other people?


How would you rather work?

With a team
All by myself
Either way I'm good

When you are dissatisfied with how things are being done, what do you do?

Complain to anyone who cares to listen
I keep my mouth sealed. Someone else can complain.
I try to see if there are ways to improve things and then suggest it to the right authorities

Do you respect other people's opinions?


Are you a risk-taker?

Of course!
It depends on the situation
I take only calculated risks
I'm extremely careful. I don't take risks.

How do you often dress?

Appropriate for the occasion

Are you always running late or always early?

Always running late
Always early
On some days I'm late, on some days I'm early.

What do you think, are you good at leading or good at following?

I'm good at leading
I'm good at following
Whatever the situation demands
I am natural leader
Answer On: 20-May-2020

Are You a Natural Leader or a Follower? Leadership Quiz : Test Trivia

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