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Are You a Couch Potato or a Hot Potato? Quiz

Are You a Couch Potato or a Hot Potato? Quiz

Are You a Couch Potato or a Hot Potato? Quiz Do people often describe you as a couch potato or are you unsure whether you are one? Let's settle this once and for all, take this quiz and we'll tell you!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Less than 18
18 - 24
25 - 30
Above 30
Relax at home and watch TV
Invite my friends over
Play video games
Hit the gym to keep fit
5 to 7 days a week
3 days a week
Once a week
Does walking to the store count as exercise?
The go to guy/girl for everything
A go getter
Shy and quiet
Loves food a lot
Call the cops
Walk on by, someone else can call the cops
I'll try to intervene
Social media
Phone calls and texts
We hang out every now and then
All of the above
I don't have friends
I love it
It's ok, could be worse
Not so good, but i manage
I hate it
I don't have a job
Less than 1hr
About 1 - 3 hours
Over 3 hours
I hardly/don't watch TV
Fast foods
Home cooked meal
Anything from the freezer
The reason for living
Nice if only they come to you
Not worth the trouble
Get dressed and go
I'll go only if it's a once in a lifetime experience
I'll pass and stay at home. I need to rest.
Take a break from work, sleep, watch tv, eat.
Hang out with friends but get back home in time to receive my guest
Nothing changes. I'll work as usual until my friend arrives.

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Are You a Couch Potato or a Hot Potato? Quiz : Test Trivia

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