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Who is Your Campaign Color Running Mate?

Who is Your Campaign Color Running Mate?

American political campaign branding has been dominated by red, white, and blue for a long time. Women running for president are breaking the rules of presidential branding. Choose which political palette speaks to you and we will tell you who your political running mate should be!

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Elizabeth Warren sets off the fairly traditional dark blue and red in her palette with an unexpected mint green to freshen things up. The overall impression gives off a fitting academic activist vibe.
The choice of yellow is an homage to Shirley Chisholm’s historic candidacy. It is also a celebration of Harris' idenity (half Jamaican and half Indian) & America’s multiracial & multicultural society.
Kirsten Gillibrand has a long track record advocating for women. Her use of pink highlights her feminist credentials & reinforces her pledge to make women’s rights a cornerstone of her campaign.
Tulsi Gabbard makes use of a radiant orange sun in her mark to pair well with her “bright future” slogan and to remind us of her Hawaiian origins.

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Choose your favorite political pallete.

Would you consider running for president?


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Who is Your Campaign Color Running Mate? : Test Trivia

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