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Intensive Farming and the Environment Quiz.

MCQs on Intensive Farming and the Environment.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

An arable farm
A mixed farm
A pastoral farm
An arable farm
A mixed farm
A pastoral farm
Uses small areas of land with lots of expensive inputs
Arable farming
Uses large areas of land with fewer inputs needed
To make sure people have a variety of food to eat
To make sure that the soil fertility is maintained
To adapt to the changes in temperature over the course of the year
Flat or gently sloping land
Shallow soils
Milking facilities
Producing enough food to survive on
Producing surplus food to sell
Little machinery
Farming to send food to market
Farming as a hobby
Farming to feed yourself and your family
Farmers get paid more
The crops look better
The produce contains fewer chemicals
Stop farmers farming
Pay farmers to protect habitats, eg maintain hedgerows
Pay farmers to ship crops abroad

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Intensive Farming and the Environment Quiz. : Test Trivia

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