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Are you a Flower Child or a Punk Rocker? Quiz

Are you a Flower Child or a Punk Rocker? Quiz

Are you a Flower Child or a Punk Rocker? Quiz Do you live a life of love, peace or are you more of a "living it up while you can" kind of person? Answer this quiz questions and we'll tell you you whether you are a Flower Child or a Punk Rocker.

Flower child Description Flower child originated as a synonym for hippie, especially among the idealistic young people who gathered in San Francisco and the surrounding area during the Summer of Love in 1967.

What does being a flower child mean? A flower child is defined as "a young person, especially a hippie, rejecting conventional society and advocating love, peace, and simple, idealistic values. So this is the ideal definition of the flower child, If you get the result of flower child then its the best thing you get . Most of the users want that they the flower child in their result.

What does it mean to be a punk rocker? punk. punks - a youth subculture closely associated with punk rock music in the late 1970s; in part a reaction to the hippy subculture; dress was optional but intended to shock (plastic garbage bags or old school uniforms) and hair was dyed in bright colors (in Mohican haircuts or sometimes spiked in bright plumes)

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Quiz Questions And Answers

In downtown/City center
In Suburb
In the woods
At home on the bed.
Out in the club.
Outside in the nature.
Household pets
Wild animals
Mythological creatures
Individual sport (like running, cycling etc)
Team sport (like soccer, basketball etc)
Extreme sport (like skiing, skateboarding)
Short hair
The Beach Boys
The Rolling Stones
The Mamas and the Papas
The Velvet Underground
Being healthy
Spending time with family
Helping others
Spending time with family
Going to the cinema
Sleeping in
Hanging out with friends
Tight pants
Saggy pants
Yes, but i wasn't caught
Yes, i was caught
No, never
Survival of the fittest
All for one and one for all
A little bit of both

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Are you a Flower Child or a Punk Rocker? Quiz : Test Trivia

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