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What Is Your Redneck Name? Quiz

What Is Your Redneck Name? Quiz Do you want a Redneck name for a nickname? We've got one for you! Answer this quiz questions and we'll give you a Redneck name that suits you.

Y'all better take this quiz! ... cuz you're the prettiest gal in the whole county! What's your redneck name? quiz - Brandy Crystal Rae-You're sweeter than. Read it ...

What Should Your Redneck Name Be? ... what you'd be called if you truly were a redneck, well take this quiz, and you'll "Git 'Er Done"

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The cigarette flips
Bobbing for pig’s trotters
Mud pit belly flop
Seed spitting
Watch mud wrestling
Ride motorbike on a on a breezy spring day.
Drink beer with your buddies
Work on your old chevy.
On my neck
On my arm and hands
On my legs
On my face
All of the above
Board or card games
Field or race games
Barnyard games
In a relationship
It's complicated
I love them! What is not to like?
I like them only if they are well behaved
No i don't.

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What Is Your Redneck Name? Quiz : Test Trivia

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