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Show Affection Using Different Love Language Quiz

Show Affection Using Different Love Language Quiz

We all feel and express love in different ways.What makes you feel most loved? A hug? Uninterrupted time with your loved one? A thoughtful gift?If you ever wondered that you wanted to show your affection with love language.If yes then take this quiz to find your answer.This quiz isn't based on any scientific study, it's only for fun.Enjoy the quiz.

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You May Get Result Of Show Affection Using Different Love Language Quiz

Your love language is Physical Touch.
Your love language is A Hug.
Your love language is A Thoughtful Gift.
Your love language is Words of Affirmation.

Quiz Questions And Answers

What makes you feel the best?

Cuddling with my loved one
When someone I love tells me he or she misses me
When someone I love helps me out with an errand

It's more meaningful to me when....

My loved one buys me my favorite snack
My loved one does my chores for me for no reason
My loved one shows me physical affection in public

I feel connected to someone when...

We link arms or hold hands
We do an activity together
Someone tells me,"I've got your back!"

I feel most appreciated when my loved one...

Gives me a sincere compliment
Offers to buy me a meal
Gives me a message

When I'm feeling down or stressed, I feel better when my loved one...

Says encouraging things to me
Gives me a comforting hug
Hangs out with me

I feel loved when someone...

Puts their arm around my shoulder
Tells me how important I am to them
Helps me out with my to-do list

My feelings are hurt when my loved one...

Criticizes me
Forgets to give me an anniversary gift
Doesn't give me a hug when we meet

To show love to your loved ones,you usually ....

Buy them a really nice gift
Plan fun activities to do together
Speak highly of them

Are you married or in a relationship?

In a relationship

It's more meaningful to you when

Your loved one kisses you
Your loved one hugs you
You receive a loving note or text

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Show Affection Using Different Love Language Quiz : Test Trivia

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