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What Is My Gypsy Name? Quiz | Your Gypsy Name Test

What Is My Gypsy Name? Quiz | Your Gypsy Name Test

What Is Your Gypsy Name? Quiz Gypsies are the Romani people believed to have arrived in Europe from northern India. They were called Gypsies because Europeans thought they came from Egypt. Take this quiz to know what name you would have been given if your parents were Gypsies.
Everyone has wondered that what their name will be, if they were from different culture or from different region of the world. So, do you want know your another name in Gypsy culture. Firstly, you have to know what gypsies really are. The Romani’s are known as gypsies, traditionally living mostly in Europe and America and originating from the Northern Indian subcontinent from Rajhistan and Punjab regions of modern day India. The term gypsy is commonly used to indicate Romani people. The roman people were called gypsies because the Europeans thought they came from Egypt. A Gypsy name with English meaning is “wanderer” but in Romani’s language, it is derived from Sanskrit word Rom meaning man. The common surnames of gypsies are; Boswell, Buckland, codana, Menowin, lee, grey/gray, Holland, smith, young, and Hearn. Travelers are normally referred as gypsies. A group of gypsies are traditionally wandering people who do not settle down in any specific place. They are widely spread around the world mostly in Europe. The gypsies may vary from region to region. Gypsies are often considered as rough and tough to the situations. Many people joined the gypsy group after being born to another culture. The language of gypsies are Romani and related to Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and as well as Bengali. Every community have their different names culture and traditions like gypsies and they are known by them. Gypsies are known by a variety of the other names. So, get back to quiz and find out you Gypsy name and enjoy the new experience.

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Lash is the Romani variation of the name Louis and means ‘renowned warrior’.
Timbo is the Romany variant of the French name Etienne meaning ‘crown’.
Vano is the Romany version of the name Ivan and means ‘god is gracious’.
This name is believed to have been compiled using the German elements megin, which means ‘strength’ and win, which means friend’.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Catching up with work
Shopping online
Partying with friends
Watching an interesting movie
Every day!
At least twice a week
Like once or twice a month
I'm too much to work out
Rabbit stew
Cabbage Rolls
Making money
Meeting new people
Spending time with my family
Discovering my true purpose
Yes, Always.
Not really, Sometimes.
No, i don't.
Famous Writer
Famous Musician
Famous Actor
Famous Scientist
Famous Artist
Yes, i can't hide my emotions
It depends, sometimes it's obvious, sometimes it's not
No, I'm very good at hiding my emotions
Italian food
Chinese food
French food
Mexican food
Indian food
Of course!
Yes, but it's very difficult for me
No, truth is I'm never wrong

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What Is My Gypsy Name? Quiz | Your Gypsy Name Test : Test Trivia

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