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Does My Wife Love Me Quiz | Respect Me

Does My Wife Love Me Quiz Are you having doubts about your wife, are you convinced she doesn't love you anymore or are you just curious to know whether she truly loves you? Take this quiz and we'll tell you.

Wife Quiz - People tend to think that women are the only ones to be worried about their husband's feelings. This is not always the case, husbands tend to worry . Does my wife love?

How do you tell if wife still loves you? Signs Your Wife Still Loves You

She Says She Loves You. One of the most obvious ways of expressing love is to say it out loud. ... She Compliments You. ... She Spends Time with You. ... She Is Patient. ... Acts of Kindness. ... Acts of Service Around the House. ... She Pays Attention. ...
Most of the husband want to know does my wife still love me . So this quiz will let you know the answer. So play this test to find out, is your wife loves you. Most of the husband think does my wife respect me. This trivia will give you the answer of that also.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Less than a year
A year or two
Three or four years
Five years and above
More than 5 times a week
At least 3 times a week
Once or twice a week
She never calls
They love her!
Kind of
Not really
Not at all
At least once a week
At least once a Month
She rarely says it...
It's been ages since she ever said that
Very often
Very often
Yes, we talk about everything
Not everything but a lot
She barely tell me anything
All the time
We do that sometimes, it's rare
Not really. It's been a long time
She has done that so many times
Only when i ask her for help
She has never done that
She tells me very often
She laughs at my jokes
She tries to please me
She doesn't do anything. I doubt if she loves me.
My wife went to Spain for a weeks holiday with our one year old son and got together with a man an fell madly in love. Two months later I went there to find out what was happening and she told me she had met someone else after four months she called me one day and asked was it too late for us because I was living in Ireland with our son who she gave to me the time I travelled out to Spain so she could be with her new man. I said yes you can come back if that's what you really want She told me she hadn't seen the other guy in almost three months and I believed her she said she would get a flight the next day told me she loved me and couldn't wait to see me. I was so excited I gave her a call later that evening to tell her but I didn't get a chance to tell her because she said I'll call you back in a bit and she didn't. I just knew she was with him. When I asked her the next day she denied it, and after years she has admitted that she did sleep with him that night. The only question I keep asking myself is why would she do that and why did she? Recently I asked her why she came back to me and I was shocked to hear her say because he didn't want me. 14 years later my heart is broken from this situation, but the words (because he didn't want me) are now destroying me what should I do?
Answer By: William O Driscoll
Answer On: 09-Jan-2020
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Does My Wife Love Me Quiz | Respect Me : Test Trivia

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