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How Good Are You At Dating Quiz

How Good Are You At Dating Quiz Do you think you are good at dating or are you convinced that you are bad at it? Let this quiz be the final judge of it! Answer this quiz to know how good you are at dating.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

My sense of humor
My kindness
My intelligence
My honesty
Argue until he/she agrees with me
Stop talking about it altogether
Listen politely
Try to find common ground
My parents
My older brother/sister
A friend that's the opposite of my gender
My best friend who is also my gender
No one
Immediately text back. I always reply messages on time.
Check the message but won't text back
Ignore the message. Checking or replying in the middle of a dinner is rude.
Nothing. My date will pay.
Offer to split the bill
Slowly take your wallet in hopes that your date will offer to pay
Pay the complete bill and may even give the waiter a tip
A few weeks
Some months
A year or two
Over two years
Great sense of humor
Interesting personality
I tell people everything
I'm honest most of the time but not always
I keep things from people if it'll hurt them
I'm very secretive
Yes! People don't understand me easily
Not often, people usually understand me

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How Good Are You At Dating Quiz : Test Trivia

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