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Are You More Male Or More Female? Quiz

This has nothing to do with your gender but is more about the way you are wired. You could be a male but your personality fits that of a female, vice versa. This quiz will help you find out whether you are more male or more female.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Very emotional. I can't help it.
A bit emotional.
Not so emotional
I'm not emotional at all
A touching movie / video
I was fired at work
A friend / family member passed away
Someone said hash words to me
It's been long i last cried. I can't remember
I call a friend to come over then we eat chocolates
I go to the movies or play video games
I simply hit the gym
How my butt looks in them
If they will match my shoes
If i can get them off quickly
Clothes and shoes
Electronic gadgets
Romance or Comedy
Action or horror
"How to" books
Thriller/detective novels
Romantic novels
Grab a glass of wine and read a book
Watch sports with you friends
Go out for a nice meal
Comfort and safety
Economy and appearance
Performance and sophisticated gadgetry
A dress
A wristwatch
A shoe
A box of chocolates
More male
More female
You tell me

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Are You More Male Or More Female? Quiz : Test Trivia

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