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Which High School Clique Are You In?

Which High School Clique Are You In?

Every high school has a clique. It doesn't matter whether it's a public or private school. Take this quiz now to find out which clique you fit in. As the title suggests that this quiz is about the High School Clique. How you will find out that which High School clique are you? During high school time, you must be with the group of friends that shared a lunch table with you. You must have spent Friday nights with them. So are you wondering that which clique were or is yours? Or you are drifting between different cliques without knowing it. There are many categorizations of the High School cliques. Among of them, there is Geeks. This group of students are described as intellectual and they don’t have sense of modern fashion. They sometimes really face hard time socially. The other clique is Jocks. They are very popular among others. They may be male as similar kind of mean girls. Preps clique tends to be good socially and belongs to upper middle class of the society. They are among the important position in the High school and have special Aura among others. Nerds often have more knowledge and are not fashion conscience. They normally do very well in schools. One of the clique that is very common in High School is Hipsters. They challenge the traditional norms and trends. Thespians are the ones that have very good sense of responsibility and very kind and sweet to every other clique However there are many other clique that have developed over the times Now to get back to the Quiz and find out which High School Clique you belong to.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

School bus
My parents drop me off
My car
My bicycle
I walk
Attend maths class
Go to sports practice
Hang out with friends
Head home straight
6:00 AM
6:30 AM
7:00 AM
I wake up whenever i like
Straight As
As and Bs
Bs and Cs
Mostly Cs
Yes, all eyes on me!
I like to stand out, that's all
No, i'd rather blend in
Of course!
Not really
More introverted
More extroverted
Somewhere in the middle
Play video games
Watch movies
Work on projects
Chat online
Celebrity news and gossips
Make ups, hairs, basically girly stuffs
Video games
Latest music and movies
Multiple times
Couple of times
i got peep but i still feel like im in none of these things so....
Answer On: 26-Nov-2020
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welcome and pls dont cheat

Which High School Clique Are You In? : Test Trivia

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