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Humans and the Desert Quiz.

Humans and the Desert Quiz.

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The desert can quickly suck moisture from you. You have a small canteen full of water and it's really getting hot. What should you do?

Pour the water over your head to cool you off
Pour the water out, the extra weight will tire you
Ration your water to tiny amounts
Drink as much as you feel you need

Hypothermia is often a concern in the desert.


Black widow spiders are one of many creatures to be cautious of. You can easily identify one by its appearance. What is the best description?

White or cream colored with very long legs
Shiny black body with a yellow "fiddle" marking on the abdomen
Shiny black body with a red "hourglass" marking on the abdomen
Brown and hairy with white stripes

Scorpions hunt at night in the desert. One way to detect them is to shine an ultraviolet light on the ground on front of you as you walk.


It is important to keep parasites &dangerous bacteria from accumulating on the body, but bathing is often a luxury in the desert. What is a good alternative to a traditional bath.

Take a "smoke bath" by burning certain shrubs or plants
Spray yourself with deodorant before you go to the desert
Cover yourself with mud
Eat cactus flowers

In desert areas, shelter from the sun should be a main consideration, but cold, rain, hail, even snow can also be factors. When building a shelter, you should do what?

Build it clear of creek beds
Build it in a way that it is visible to searchers/rescuers
All of these
Make it just large enough for you to lie down in

Certain cactus species contain enough water to sustain a person for weeks in the desert.


Again back to water. Water means life! My canteen is empty and I need to find a water source. What are some ways to find water?

Watch animals or follow their tracks
All of these
Continue to walk downhill
Head toward the circling flock of birds I see in the distance

As a food source, most lizards are edible and will make for a decent meal. This one however should be avoided. What is it called?

Desert spiny lizard
Common chuckwalla
Desert iguana
Gila monster

Despite their reputations, deserts in the American Southwest have abundant wildlife.


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Humans and the Desert Quiz. : Test Trivia

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