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Human Uses of the Rainforest Quiz.

Human Uses of the Rainforest Quiz.

MCQs on Human Uses of the Rainforest.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the main reason as to which deforestation occurs?

To make space for dogs to sleep
To get wood for paper
To create land for farming
To make shopping centers

The burning of forests causes less chance of a future bush fire.


How many acres of land are cut down for deforestation each day?

214,000 acres
293,400 meters squared
200, 000 acres
902, 000 meters squared

Why has the farm industry replanted trees around rainforest remnants?

Because farmers are at one with their plants
To protect edges from wind exposure and provide a barrier against animals
To encourage the trees in the rainforest remnants to grow To make the edges look prettier
To make the edges look prettier

What is one way we can help the conservation of the rainforests?

Using recycled water
Using animal cruelty free makeup
Eat less broccoli
Using recycled paper

Which of these is NOT a way which we can protect the biodiversity of rainforests?

Using un-recycled paper
Using recycled paper
Picking up rubbish in rainforest area

What programs have been created to combat deforestation?

“Speak for the trees, drink life to the lees"
Plant-A-Tree and Adopt-A-Hectare
Steve Irwin’s wildlife warriors

What is ecotourism?

Sustainable and properly planned tourism where the revenue contributes to the conservation of the forest.
The act of taking flora around the world for tourism.
Going on a holiday that is purely economy class.
The act of travelling the world to contribute to global warming.

How does sustained yield forestry work?

All trees in an areas of low soil nutrients are sustained by a fertiliser year round.
The process of giving up forests to big corporations.
A forest is segmented so that whilst some areas are being harvested, others are growing.
Coral is replanted in the ocean floor.

What is a social impact of deforestation and overexploitation.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the air will increase.
People who live in the area have their environment capitalized, causing society uproar and division.
The oceans are destroyed.
The Lorax comes into society to "save the trees" .

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Human Uses of the Rainforest Quiz. : Test Trivia

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