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Quiz: Which Sephora Foundation is Right For You?

Quiz: Which Sephora Foundation is Right For You?

Is there any girl out there who hasn't had trouble finding the perfect shade of foundation?Um, we're guessing not and plus,getting the right shade is only part of the battle.There's always skin type,desired amount of coverage and whether or not the company uses cruelty-free practices to consider.Honestly we know the struggle.Take the quiz to find the right Sephora foundation for you.

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You May Get Result Of Quiz: Which Sephora Foundation is Right For You?

"Bareminerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum" is best for you
"Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation" is best for you.
"IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream With SPF 50+" is best for you.
"Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation" is best for you.

Quiz Questions And Answers

What kind of coverage are you getting with your current foundation?

Full coverage
Medium coverage
Light coverage

Are you happy with the coverage you're currently getting from your foundation?

Lighter coverage would be better for me
No,I need a lot more

Your skincare routine is______

Often takes a back seat
Just as important as my makeup routine
More important to me than my makeup routine

Why do you wear makeup?

To look a little less tired
To feel more confident
To cover up any imperfections like wrinkles,Blemishes etc

How would you describe your skin type?


When you leave for work in the morning,you're usually_____

Running a little late or right on time
A little early,actually

Are you photographed frequently?

I take a selfie or two here and there
Actually, I am

The temperature's usually_____ where you live

Just right
On the colder side
A little warm

Which of these do you want to cover up the most?

Uneven skin tone
Dark circles
Acne,acne scars,or wrinkles

Which of these do you identify with the most?

Dress to impress
You snooze
Real beauty is inside

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Quiz: Which Sephora Foundation is Right For You? : Test Trivia

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