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Are You A Stalker?

Are You A Stalker?

A stalker is a person who sneaks around or a person who follows one specific individual obsessively. Does this describe you? Well, take this quiz to confirm whether you're a stalker or not.

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You May Get Result Of Are You A Stalker?

You need to start giving others more space!
You need to start giving others more space!

Quiz Questions And Answers

Are you following them on all their social media accounts?

Yes, there's no big deal there
Yes, just following their updates
No, i don't

Do you google people you haven't met?

Just to see their pictures, that's all
No, that's weird
Who doesn't?

You are out in public and see someone you're attracted to from afar. What do you do?

Hurry up so you can say hello.
Pick up the pace and follow them discreetly.
Make sure they don't see you and get out of there!

Someone breaks up with you. How do you handle it?

Try to stay in touch unless they don't seem to want you to.
Give them space, hoping you can be friends someday.
Keep pursuing them anyway.

Have you ever looked in the windows of someone's house when they didn't know?


Which of the following have you done to find out more about someone of interest?

Asked about them personally
Asked someone who knows them better.
Searched online for anything i could find on them.
All of these and more.

How often do you find yourself staring at someone?


Have you invaded the privacy of someone else's cellphone?

Only a few times
Just once

Do you still follow your ex on Instagram?

Of course. How else will I know what they are up to?
Yes but I'm considering unfollowing them
No, i don't follow them anymore

Are you more introverted or more extroverted?

More introverted
More extroverted

Do you have more than 2 pictures of your favorite celebrity?

Of course!! I love them.
I'd rather have pictures of people i know

Which do you have on Instagram?

I have more followers than people i'm following
I'm following more people than my followers

Do you think celebrities have a right to privacy?

Yes, they are humans too
No, that's why they are "celebrities"

Do you have any spy tech?


Has someone ever called you a stalker?


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Are You A Stalker? : Test Trivia

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